More and more travelers are looking to generate a fake flight ticket for their visa application. But is fake plane ticket risky ? Are there any other and safer ways to get a proof of onward travel ? Let’s have a look at your options !

How to generate a fake flight ticket

Warning: Even if those services are cheap and provide believable tickets, the risks of being caught are real.
Generating a fake flight ticket can be very dangerous both for your travel plans and for you personally. Those websites use Expedia logo and/or provide tickets with no PNR, which could cause huge troubles to you.

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3 Most Common Reasons People Are Using Fake Plane Tickets

Travelers often find themselves in situations where they consider using fake plane tickets.

But what are those reasons ?

  • Visa application requirements : many countries require proof of onward travel for visa approval. Unsure of their return plans or wishing to keep their itinerary flexible, travelers might resort to fake tickets to fulfill this requirement without having to buy an actual flight.
  • Cost-saving measures : a real flight ticket can be expensive, especially when plans are not finalized. Fake tickets appear as a cheaper alternative to show a return journey.
  • Uncertain travel plans : if you prefer spontaneous or open-ended travel, fake tickets offer a way to bypass the constraints of a fixed return date. This allows you the freedom to extend your stay or alter your travel route without the hassle (and cost !) of changing your flight reservations.

5 Top Fake Flight Ticket Generators You Can Find Online

fake flight ticket generators online

The best websites to generate fake tickets provide you with a document using real ticket templates and real flight data.

They look almost exactly like a real ticket and come with a flight number, passengers’ details, cost, etc.

Amongst the best websites to generate a fake flight ticket, you will find :

1. Fake Flight Tickets

A website that uses real data and real templates to generate dummy tickets for you to prove your plans of onward travel.

All you have to do is fill up the form with the departure and arrival airports, the dates and your personal details. You then have access to different flight options of airline companies and times. After paying $5 per fake ticket, you receive a fake confirmation of your flight by mail.

2. KeyFlight

KeyFlight offers you to generate a fake flight ticket for free. It’s the best option if you’re not good at Photoshop and you don’t want to pay for a dummy ticket.

But just like, the tickets issued are not real, even if they look so. The website is easy to use and straightforward and you even have the option to choose yourself your fake PNR code.

3. Dummy Ticket Flights

This website Dummyticket.Flights just works like except it’s more expensive. For $10, your receive a fake ticket that looks exactly like a real one.

All you have to do is enter your departure and destination as well as the date of travel. Dummyticket.Flights will then offer several flight options.

You can choose the airline company, the time of the flight and add several passengers. But in the end, it’s quite an expensive service for a fake flight ticket that won’t be checkable online.

4. Onward Flights is similar service to the previous. It was used to be free but not anymore as you have to pay $5.

So it’s less expensive than Dummyticket.Flights but still more expensive than KeyFlight. Here again the PNR code will be totally random and the reservation 100 % fake.

Also one major problem is you have to pay in crypto through Coinbase. So if you’re not used to cryptocurrencies, that might be very challenging.

5. Trixo

For a $10 fee, Trixo provides a fake flight ticket with a fake pnr and a fake e-ticket number. The service is pretty straightforward and you can choose the airline company.

Trixo also allows you to add as many passengers as you want on the fake ticket for no extra charge. Here again you’ll have to keep in mind the received ticket will be totally fake and not checkable.

Why You Should Not Use Fake Airline Ticket

do not use fake airline tickets

Like mentioned previously, even if those services are cheap and provide believable tickets, the risks of being caught are real. Generating a fake plane ticket can be very dangerous both for your travel plans and for you personally.

Those websites use Expedia logo and provide tickets with no PNR, which could cause huge trouble to you. Such actions are usually classified under document falsification or fraud, offenses that can attract extensive legal penalties like fines and, in more severe cases, imprisonment.

The most common problem is your visa application being denied because the embassy checked your booking and couldn’t find it.

But the most important problem with a fake plane ticket is that it’s completely illegal. And this fraud even has a name: falsification of documents. It’s considered a crime to buy and use a fake airline ticket. Some places are stricter than others but you basically risk jail time and huge penalties.

The repercussions extend into international travel. Travelers caught with fake tickets may be flagged in global immigration databases.

Unfortunately, this black mark on your travel history can persist for years. Airlines may also impose their own sanctions : permanent ban by the airline and broader restrictions across multiple carriers.

So is it really worth it ?

Of course, you’ll find on the internet many testimonies of travelers for whom it all worked okay. But if you look closer, you’ll also find creepy stories like this couple treated like criminals because they accidentally bought fake plane tickets.

So once again, is it really worth it to generate fake flight tickets when there are other cheap options to get a flight reservation ?

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Terminology Explained: Fake, Dummy, Valid Ticket

terminology fake flight tickets

Whether you plan an international trip or a visa application, you’ll have to make sure you understand the differences between fake, dummy and valid tickets.

Fake flight ticket

This is an illegal option. Fake tickets are offered for free (or for a small charge) and are created to mimic real airline tickets but have no legal standing.

They often use logos and details from real airlines but lack a genuine booking reference. Using a fake ticket for any official purpose (visa applications, etc.) is considered a fraud. You might have to face big fines and even worse if you get caught.

Dummy ticket

A dummy ticket is a flight reservation often used for visa applications to show proof of onward travel without paying for a full ticket.

Dummy tickets are not actual flight tickets : they are legal as they are legitimate reservations made with airlines. They are usually valid for a short period and have a verifiable booking code (PNR).

Dummy tickets can be obtained legally for a small fee from travel agencies or online services. This is probably the best option if you apply for a visa and need a legitimate booking for a few dollars.

Valid ticket

This is an actual flight ticket, with a reserved seat on a specific flight. Valid tickets are what you use for actual travel. They are the most expensive but a legal option.

Rather than taking the risk to end up in jail and paying huge fines, we advise you to look up a perfectly legal solution. Instead of buying a fake plane ticket, why not making a real reservation?

On, you can get a unique and legitimate booking reservation for only $16.

The booking you receive by mail contains a PNR code that can be checked on the airline website  and / or on

Once again, this method is perfectly legit and avoids you to act illegally and buying the full price of an actual flight ticket.

Let’s remind you of the serious repercussions of fake tickets, not just for you but also for your travel companions. If caught, the consequences extend beyond individual penalties : your actions could also implicate your partner, friends or family members.

This could lead to collective bans from airlines or entry denials into countries, situations that could easily strain relationships and create complex legal challenges.

With Onward Ticket, all you have to do is fill up the form with the flight info and your personal details and pay.

You then automatically receive a real flight reservation, made by a real travel agency, with real airline companies.

It’s legal, cost-effective, and perfect to travel without the stress of being caught with a fake plane ticket!

The Step By Step Process Of How To Get An Onward Ticket

Good news, getting a valid flight reservation has never been so easy with Onward Ticket !

All you have to do is :

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on the “Book now” button and fill in the required details : one-way or round trip ticket, departure city, arrival city and travel date.
  3. Enter your contact email, your name and surname and add passengers if needed.
  4. Choose your options (receive your ticket now or later, direct or stopovers flight itinerary and the currency).
  5. Review your information.
  6. Pay the onward ticket fee by credit card or PayPal.
  7. Receive your flight reservation directly into your emails.