The dummy ticket meaning often raises eyebrows.

As it serves as a placeholder for a genuine airline ticket, a dummy ticket may fulfill visa or proof of onward travel requirements without a real flight commitment.

However, its use comes with considerable advantages and potential setbacks. Let’s have a look at the facts, legalities and implications surrounding dummy return ticket meaning.

What Is The Meaning Of Dummy Ticket ?

A dummy ticket, as the name implies, is a facsimile of a real flight ticket.

But what does a dummy ticket mean in practical terms ?

Well, it’s a reservation for a flight that hasn’t been paid for. The purpose of a dummy ticket is to demonstrate proof of onward travel – a requirement of most countries’ immigration rules.

The dummy ticket possesses all the pertinent information of a genuine ticket : traveler’s name, flight number, destination and scheduled departure and arrival times.

Is Dummy Ticket Legal ?

is Dummy Ticket legal

While a dummy ticket isn’t technically illegal, it could potentially violate an airline’s terms of service.

However, many travelers use them responsibly to fulfill visa or immigration requirements.

If you need a dummy ticket, platforms like OnwardTicket provide legitimate booking reservations that are verifiable by airlines and immigration, to ensure compliance with all rules.

So don’t stress, you can procure your safe and legal dummy ticket today through their seamless booking form !

Fake Ticket Vs Dummy Tickets (Explained)

You absolutely have to differentiate what does dummy ticket mean and what does fake ticket mean.

A fake ticket often refers to an illegitimate document created to defraud or deceive, for instance, a fake email confirmation for a flight.

These actions are clearly illegal and come with severe consequences. On the other hand, a dummy ticket is a valid reservation made through an airline or a reliable provider like OnwardTicket.

It’s a legitimate strategy used by savvy travelers to satisfy proof of onward travel requirements, as detailed in our post on flying without a plane ticket.

What Is A Dummy Ticket Used For ?

Dummy Ticket used for

A dummy ticket has various uses, mostly related to fulfilling immigration and travel requirements.

Let’s have a look at the most common reasons for using a dummy ticket.

Reason #1 – Dummy Ticket for Visa Application

One of the most common uses for a dummy ticket is during the visa application process.

Many countries ask for proof of onward travel to ensure that visitors don’t overstay their visas.

A dummy ticket will serve as this proof to show that the traveler intends to leave the country within the permitted period.

Reason #2 – Proof of Return or Onward Travel

Upon entering some countries, immigration officials might ask for evidence of your return or onward journey.

A dummy flight ticket acts as this evidence to showcase your intention to leave the country.

Reason #3 – Avoiding Long-term Commitments

Travel plans can change. With a dummy ticket, you can avoid committing to a return date too far in the future.

This provides you with more flexibility and allows you to change your travel plans without the risk of losing money on a non-refundable ticket.

Reason #4 – Safety Measure

A dummy ticket can also be used as a safety measure.

If you’re unsure about the exact date of your return, a flight reservation will provide a sense of security that you have a pre-booked flight, without the need to pay the full fare upfront.

Best Site to get Dummy Ticket

Many platforms promise to deliver these tickets, but you will have to identify a trustworthy and reliable service.

During our investigation, we found several sites offering dummy tickets, but some issues arose : unclear pricing, lack of transparency regarding their service process, unreliable customer support…

We found out how hard it is to find genuine user reviews vouching for their services. stands out as a credible platform to buy dummy tickets. They offer a transparent pricing system, user-friendly interface and excellent customer service.

The process is simple and quick, plus many travelers have vouched for their reliable and swift delivery of tickets !

How To Get A Dummy Ticket (8 steps)

Now you know what a dummy ticket means, let’s have a look on how to book one.

Good news : getting a flight ticket reservation is a straightforward and simple process if done through

  1. Go on the website The homepage is simple and easy to navigate as it provides clear instructions and information about the service.
  1. Fill out the form. Click on the “Book now” button which will direct you to a form. Fill in the required details : one-way or round trip ticket, departure city, arrival city and travel date.
  1. Enter your personal details : enter your contact email, your name and surname and add passengers if applicable.
  1. Choose your options : you can choose between receiving your ticket now or receive it later, direct or stopovers flight itinerary and the currency (euro or us dollar).
  1. Wait for the system to find your flight ticket. This usually takes a few seconds.
  1. Review your information. Before moving forward, take a moment to review the information you have provided. Make sure all the details are accurate to ensure a smooth process.
  1. Proceed to payment. Once you have verified your details and accepted the terms and conditions, proceed to the payment section. The platform offers a transparent pricing system, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Also they accept payments by credit card or PayPal.
  1. Receive your flight reservation. You will receive your dummy ticket in your email inbox within a few seconds. This verifiable flight reservation will look exactly like a regular booking and will pass as a valid proof of onward travel.

How Long Will It Take To Process The Dummy Ticket ?

The processing time for a dummy ticket is impressively fast as it takes only a few seconds.

Once you’ve completed the form and made the payment, instantly generates your ticket.

This means you can plan your travels without any significant waiting time or delay.

How Long Is A Dummy Ticket Valid ?

A dummy ticket from is valid for 48 hours from the moment of purchase.

This period gives you ample time to use the flight ticket for any verification needs, whether you’re using a dummy ticket for visa applications or airline requirements.

Pros Of Buying A Dummy Ticket

Buying dummy flight tickets brings multiple benefits, especially for frequent travelers.

It is a cost-effective and practical solution for proof of onward travel without tying you down to a return flight.

With instant processing, validity for a sufficient period and wide acceptance by airlines and immigration authorities, it offers peace of mind and flexibility for your travels.

Cons Of Buying A Dummy Ticket

Dummy Ticket cons

Dummy flight reservations offers numerous advantages, but it also does have minor drawbacks.

For one, its validity is limited to 48 hours, which may not suit all travel circumstances.

Also, there may be a small risk if the immigration authorities or airlines decide to cross-check the reservation.

What Is A Dummy Flight With PNR ?

A dummy flight with PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a flight itinerary made in the global distribution system (GDS) that includes the passenger’s name and itinerary but does not involve the actual purchase of an airline ticket.

This reservation generates a unique PNR code that can be used for visa applications or proof of onward travel.

Synonyms For “Dummy Ticket” Include

Now you understand the dummy tickets meaning, you also have to be aware that this term has various synonyms.

“Booked flight itinerary”, “Confirmed flight itinerary” and “Detailed flight reservation” are often used to represent a flight plan that’s been set but not fully paid for, akin to a dummy ticket.

These are comprehensive outlines of your travel plan that could be required for a visa application or by immigration authorities.

“Flight itinerary for visa application”, “Air ticket booking” and “Dummy air ticket for visa” are also indicating a similar notion – a tentative flight plan often used for visa application processes.

All of them provide confirmation of your intent to return from your destination country.


Dummy Ticket benefits

Can I get a dummy ticket for free ?

While some platforms offer free dummy tickets, they may lack credibility. We would always recommend using a reliable paid service like OnwardTicket for legitimate and valid dummy tickets.

Is it safe to use a dummy ticket ?

Yes, using a dummy flight ticket from a reputable service like OnwardTicket is safe. These tickets are legitimate reservations with valid PNRs.

Is dummy ticket valid for 1 month ?

No, a dummy ticket is usually valid for 48 hours from the purchase.

Will I receive a refund for my flight ticket if my visa application is rejected ?

Can you submit dummy ticket for Schengen visa application ?

Yes, you can use a dummy flight itinerary when applying for a Schengen visa to show proof of onward travel.

When should I get a dummy ticket ?

You should get a flight reservation when applying for a visa or when required to show proof of onward travel by immigration authorities.

What information should be included in a dummy ticket ?

Flight tickets should include flight and travel details : your name, flight number, destination, dates of travel, reservation code and airline company.

Can I change the details on a dummy ticket ?

Usually, once a dummy ticket booking is issued, the details cannot be changed as it’s linked to a specific flight reservation. However, you can still get in touch with the customer service. OnwardTicket, for example, might allow some changes to your flight tickets.

Can I use a dummy ticket for immigration purposes ?

Yes, a dummy ticket can be used to show proof of onward travel to immigration authorities.

Can I use a dummy ticket for multiple trips ?

No, a dummy ticket is linked to a specific flight and date, so it can’t be used for multiple trips.

Can I get a refund for a dummy ticket ?

No, a flight booking is non-refundable as it’s meant for showing proof of onward travel, not actual travel.

Are there any risks associated with using a dummy ticket ?

If not obtained from a reputable source, a dummy ticket may be deemed invalid and potentially lead to visa rejection or issues with immigration.

Are there any restrictions on using a dummy ticket ?

Yes, a flight reservation is intended solely for demonstrating onward travel and cannot be used for actual flights or changed once issued.

Wrap Up

Dummy tickets are a vital tool for travelers as they provide a legitimate and compliant solution for visa applications and immigration requirements.

But remember they should only be used responsibly and keep their purpose of demonstrating proof of onward travel.

And when it comes to buying your dummy ticket, opt for a reliable provider like OnwardTicket to ensure accuracy, legitimacy and timeliness !