Many digital workers are relieved they won’t have to leave home to carry out their business tasks especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. But where do they usually work? In this article, discover the top 10 coworking spaces that are perfect for independent professionals.

1. BeacHub, in Koh Phangan, Thailand

For 15 dollars a day, you can work in a beautiful environment at BeacHub, Koh Phangan, and get inspired by the view of the scenic landscape. There is nothing more impressive than the sound of the waves and the view of the picturesque waterfront while doing your digital work. During the lunch break, you can bathe in the ocean or shower at the cubicle. The finest restaurant is not far from the workspace, which can allow you more time to focus on your job.

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2. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The lovely digital workstation in Amsterdam is located in the previous IBM headquarter. It is a tall building, and it is equipped with many facilities that help you live comfortably as a nomad worker. The internet connection is excellent, and it is the place to meet with plenty of other digital rovers. You can improve your health at the gym and relax at the rooftop garden whenever you feel like taking a break. Also, the workspace has a photo studio. The membership fee is 75 Euro for 5 days.

3. Betahaus, Sofia, Bulgaria

Betahaus is the favorite destination for digital nomads and it is the perfect destination to get started. You can see many entrepreneurs and digital freelancers at this eventful workstation. Every week, you can choose an inspiring event to attend to improve your expertise. The place is also pet-friendly, so you can go in with your lovely animal. The monthly pricing is 190 BGN.

4. Coworkinn Dahab, Egypt

Have you ever planned to go to work in the amazing country of the Pharaohs? Well, don’t miss your big chance to see the pyramids and explore the old hippie town where the workspace is located. This is the meeting place for locals and foreign digital workers. The daily die is quite reasonable.

5. Cape Town Office, Cape Town, South Africa

The cubicle is located in the East City precinct, Cape Town, the largest city in South Africa. It is the favorite office for many digital nomad freelancers and entrepreneurs. The place is not far from the restaurants and shops, which makes it easy to find a place to eat during lunch break. Working in a community makes this place ideal for startups. The members enjoy the amazing food, the breweries, and the fascinating night scene. The place can accommodate several remote workers to join the WIFI tribe at the Cape Town Office. The monthly due is from ZAR 900 per 50 hours.

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6. Cogite Coworking Space, Tunis, Tunisia

Digital businessmen and entrepreneurs enjoy the supportive community at Cogite in Tunis, Tunisia. If your focus is on social innovation or technology, this is the right place to work. Also, you can relax at the swimming pool or get new inspiration from the beautiful garden during the break. The place is equipped with high internet speed and many other facilities, including spacious conference rooms for workshops and various events. Also, do not miss the self-service cake-and-coffee stands or the game of baby-foots with your digital nomad buddies. The daily due is TND 20.

7. Coollabore Smart Office, Itajai, Brazil

You can meet several digital nomad workers at this work terminal in Brazil. It is located in Itajai, it is the most equipped coworking space for nomad travelers. The station has private rooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. The air-conditioned offices are designed to maximize your chance to build a community with other digital workers. Also, you can get a lot of work done with a high-speed internet connection. The membership fee is USD 18a day.

8. BoxJelly, Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is a paradise terminal that any digital nomad should include in their top 10 destinations. You can start your day at the scenic beach and go to work at BoxJelly. The price is 25 dollars a day, and you can work at this cool and welcoming workplace, which makes you feel at home. This is the ideal place if you are looking for collaborators to work with. Also, if you are interested in networking, it is the right spot to go.

9. Dojo Bali, Bali, Indonesia

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10. Betahaus, Barcelona, Spain

Among its working areas in the world, the one in Barcelona is the most enjoyable. It is a 6-story building with several offices and facilities that will make your journey unique. You can drink hot tea or coffee in the café or simply relax on the terrace during your time off work. The workspace also has a patio, a siesta club, a classroom, and a large conference room to host important events. The fee is 25 Euros a day.

To conclude, there are many cool terminals for digital nomads across the world. If you are ready to explore the world, it is more interesting to go to where you can meet the most nomad entrepreneurs and freelancers. To join a community, you can go to Onward Ticket and book a flight for any of the top destinations in the world.