Renting a flight ticket is often the cheapest and the easiest solution to provide proof of onward travel while traveling on a one-way ticket. Several companies provide real bookings, made by real travel agencies under your name, with the dates and locations you choose yourself. Those tickets are then automatically cancelled a few days later and the service starts at around $10 per ticket. But how to choose the best onward ticket service depending on your situation ?

Onward Ticket : the best onward ticket service

Best Onward Ticket service is probably the easiest, cheapest , most trustworthy and best onward ticket service you can find online. All you have to do is fill up the form with the date, the departure and arrival airports and your personal details and you then automatically receive a PDF file of your booking by mail. The service starts from $12 and you can also add options like :

It’s easy, cheap and straightforward, plus the customer service is great and answers any question by mail within a few hours.

You can also check their reviews on Trustpilot : they’re one of the best Onward Ticket reviews online.


Onward ticket service

BestOnwardTicket offers a very similar service with tickets starting from $12 and the possibility to subscribe options for a few extra dollars. However, choosing the destination of your Onward Ticket will cost you $5 extra, bringing the total to $17.

Unlike which provides your ticket within two minutes or so, BestOnwardTicket will ask you to wait from 10 to 30 minutes before you receive your ticket. The customer service is also less responsive than the Onward Ticket one, which is unfortunate when you have a question to ask or when you want to complain about something.


Top onward ticket service

The reviews about TopOnwardTicket are good and the website basically offers the same service than the first two, with tickets starting from $10. All you have to do is fill up the form, make the payment, then wait from 5 to 60 minutes to receive a PDF file of your ticket. So if you need your ticket now because you’re stuck at the airport, that won’t do it. TopOnwardTicket also doesn’t have the “direct flight” option which can be useful in some situations.


Onewayfly ticket service

Based in Europe, the company OneWayFly is very interesting for visa applications or long trips that require a booking for more than the usual 48 hours proposed by most websites. The service has been created for digital and long-term travelers that need a reliable, fast and flexible proof of onward travel. The tickets are booked with trusted airline companies and are valid for 14 days. They are issued 30 minutes to 12 hours max after your booking and come with a valid PNR number.

OneWayFly allows you to book one-way flights, but also round-trips and multi-destination travels. The service starts from $19 and you can add a few useful options like :

This is one of the best onward ticket service if you’re looking for something flexible.

What is the best onward ticket service

Onward TicketOneWayFlyBestOnwardTicketToponwardticket
Duration48h +14 days48h +48h +
Valid PNR
Receive later
Chat support
Direct Flight option
Fast reception✅ Instantly
Payment CB & PayPal
Book your ticket now

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