Fake Flight Ticket:  All solutions to generate a proof of onward travel

Fake flight tickets looks like a regular airline ticket. Here are all the options available

Warning:  Generating a fake flight ticket can be risky for you and your trip. Have a look at a safe alternative at the end of this web story.

A website that uses real data and real templates to generate dummy tickets for you to prove your plans of onward travel. 


KeyFlight offers you to generate a fake flight ticket for free. It’s the best option if you’re not good at Photoshop and you don’t want to pay for a dummy ticket.


This website just works like fakeflighttickets.com except it’s more expensive. For $10, your receive a fake ticket that looks exactly like a real one.


This website was used to be free but now it cost 10USD to make a fake flight ticket.


Best alternative to stay legal

Get  a  legitimate booking reservation for only $12. It comes with a PNR code that can be checked on the airline website.