The day has come. You have finally decided to travel the world and you’re planning on buying your very first flight ticket to start this amazing journey around the world…

There’s only one problem: you want to travel on a one-way ticket but your airline company or the country you plan to enter requires proof of onward travel. But what is that exactly?

Do you really have to buy a real return ticket that you won’t use? How can you show proof of onward travel without paying the full price?

What is a proof of onward travel ?

Proof of onward travel is a confirmation that you plan on leaving a country after a certain time. Many countries and airline companies ask for this document to make sure that you are not planning on settling in the country and you’ll actually go back home after your stay.

Sometimes, travelers that enter the country on a one-way ticket plan to find a job there and stay longer than they are allowed with their visa. This is the reason why more and more countries, to try and prevent illegal immigration, are setting up new rules for tourists. Amongst these rules, you will find the requirement of having an onward flight.

This document doesn’t necessarily have to show that you’re going back home after your trip, and that’s why it’s called proof of onward travel.

The only thing immigration wants is to make sure that you’ll eventually leave the country, so, technically, it doesn’t matter whether you provide a return ticket or a continuation ticket.

Why does the airline company ask for a return ticket if immigration doesn’t ?

Even if it’s very uncommon that the border control agent asks for a return ticket, this doesn’t mean that the country you plan on visiting doesn’t require one. Everywhere on the internet, you’ll read testimonies about travelers that passed the borders many times without being asked once for proof of onward travel. Why? Because most agents already know you have one when they check on their system.

So what if you travel on a one-way ticket?
Traveling without a return ticket may be very risky as the airline companies tend to cover themselves whenever the involved country requires proof of onward travel. As they know they have to cover the costs of flying you back and huge fines if you can’t provide this document, they’ll automatically ask for your proof of onward travel at the boarding desk.
This is actually one of the rare cases where airline companies step in for the immigration control agents. You can find a lot of stories on the internet, like this one from Earl of Wandering Earl.

Do you really need to buy a return ticket ?

Knowing this, you might probably ask yourself if you really have to pay the full price of a return ticket you’ll never use just to meet the authorities requirements. Good news: the answer is no.

This proof of onward travel doesn’t necessarily have to be a genuine ticket nor a return flight ticket, it also can be a flight booking that can be canceled later or an itinerary. In this case, an onward ticket is perfectly legit and way cheaper!

How can you get proof of onward travel ?

There are five solution to get proof of onward travel:

So the cheapest and safest option to get proof of onward travel is to rent one. provides you with an authentic airline ticket confirmation made by a real travel agency.

This ticket comes with a genuine PNR number that can be checked on the airport system and is then automatically canceled after a minimum of 48 hours. For only $12, you have access to an official and legit proof of onward travel that can be used both for the airline companies and for the immigration control agents.

How to get a visa without a return ticket ?

Most countries that require a visa will ask for proof of onward travel during the visa application. If you don’t know when you’ll be back home and you want to keep a free itinerary without having to pay the full price of a return ticket that you won’t use, the only safe and easy way is to rent an airline ticket confirmation.

After your booking in our system, will automatically send a PDF file of your ticket in your mailbox within minutes. The only thing you have to do is print this ticket and add it to your application file. Be careful though, because our tickets are only valid for a minimum of 48 hours and can’t be extended.

Which countries require proof of onward travel ?

Many countries like New Zealand, the United States of America, Peru, Indonesia, Philippines or even the United Kingdom require proof of onward travel. Even if they don’t always enforce the rule, it is a lot safer to travel with this document when the country officially asks for it.

Of course, there are ways to reduce the risk of being asked for it. The best one is to dress “business casual” and avoid fancy clothes. Keep in mind that you want to avoid questions, so it’s best to look like everyone else.

It won’t be possible for us to draw a list of all destinations that need proof of onward travel as it all changes very fast. But if you do some research on your destination’s embassy, you should find the info quickly. In any case, we recommend you play it safe and rent a flight ticket for only $12 to cover your bases.

Too late ? Blocked at the airport for not having an onward ticket: the solution

So you’re already at the airport and you’ve been blocked at the immigration office for not showing proof of onward travel?

You need a solution right now to be able to travel and you don’t want to pay the full price for a return ticket you won’t use?

Good news: you can rent a flight ticket directly on and receive it immediately. All you have to do is fill the form with your contact details, your departure airport, and your destination, and pay for the ticket. You will then receive a PDF confirmation with a PNR number that you can show to the immigration control agent.

This ticket is perfectly legit and represents the best solution to travel on a one-way ticket.

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