Some European countries have lifted the country restrictions and reopened their borders to travelers. Yet, to prevent further transmission of the covid-19 pandemic and its variants, some Schengen states have established new rules which require keeping passengers in quarantine upon arrival. Find out which EU countries require the travelers to be kept in quarantine when they arrive at the destination.

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The country is recorded as one with the lowest death rates from covid-19. The country has remained in lockdown for a long time, which results in a low number of infections at 73000. Due to the soaring number of infection rates around the globe Belarus has secured its borders against any possible issue for the pandemic to enter its territory. To come to Belarus it is mandatory to have a negative PCR test result, a10-day quarantine is required.


The country is open to travelers for essential travel. This means that passengers must have a good motive to travel if they want to go to Andorra. A negative PCR test result is required from all passengers entering Andorra.


Strict measures have been reinforced to protect its nationals, which results in the extension of the period of shutting its borders from some countries. Passengers who want to return to the country or spend a few hours in transit can be accepted though. To prevent the further spread of Covid-19 and its variants, all coming passengers must be kept in quarantine for 14 days. Besides that, a PCR test is mandatory upon arrival from restricted states.


In Germany, specific rules apply according to the region where you want to enter concerning quarantining. Travelers from high-risk countries have to be kept in quarantine for a longer time. A digital Registration Form should be completed before entering the German territory. Also, a negative test result is mandatory.

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Country restrictions are extended to prevent contamination from the covid-19 virus. Strict measures are imposed on travelers to put on their facial masks in every place. Anyway, travelers have to be tested negative against the virus and quarantine is necessary for People who present any symptoms of the virus. 


To be granted access to its territory passengers must have had a nose and throat swab test and come with a negative PCR test result that was taken no longer than 72 hours before the flight. Most essential flights are accepted to enter the country. Upon arrival, passengers can lock themselves down to a 10-day quarantine to be safe from any possible transmission to the others.


Denmark opens its territory to travelers who come to the country for an important reason. This means that passengers cannot enter the country unless their trip is essential. International travelers with a covid-19 vaccine passport are welcome. Also, they must have carried out a nose and throat swab test, with a negative PCR test result. To be acceptable the test must have been made not more than 24 hours before the travel. Upon their arrival, passengers are required to be kept in quarantine for 10 days.


Travelers with a covid-19 vaccination certificate are welcome to the country. This means its territory is open to people who are proved to be without any covid-19 symptoms. Even so, if you come from a Schengen country where more than 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants have been recorded in the last 14 days, you can fly to Estonia. Upon arrival, you will be kept in a 10-day quarantine.

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Austria is still in lockdown, closing its doors to international travelers. To enhance the protection of its nationals from the covid-19 and its variants, it bans all airlines from brazil and South Africa to enter its territory. Tourism is almost impossible at the moment because strict rules apply to close all hotels. All travelers must carry out a PCR test and receive a pre-travel clearance to travel around the country. Besides, another PCR test and self-quarantine of up to 7 days are mandatory upon their arrival.


Greece has adopted very strict measures to safeguard its nationals from the pandemic. Thus, the rules apply to its nationals and any foreign travelers. Upon arrival to its territory, international travelers must have a negative nose and throat swab test result. Besides, all passengers must be kept in quarantine for 7 days after they enter the country to prevent any possible transmission of the virus to its nationals and local inhabitants. However Schengen member travelers who have a covid-19 vaccine passport are exempt from quarantine.


 Passengers from other nationalities are not required to be kept in quarantine. Curfew starts from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina 

These countries welcome tourists who have proof of a negative PCR test result. To be valid the test must have been made not more than 48 hours before the travel. The country accepts passengers from Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia who are proved to be safe from the covid-19 pandemic. Facial masks are mandatory in public places and on public transportation.

In conclusion, knowing about the flight requirements and new traffic regulations can help you plan your flight to Europe. This is because you may have to lose a few days of your stay in custody if you do not know the requirements in your destination before you go. If you want to go to Europe, planning your journey with Onward Ticket is a good idea to keep yourself informed about further travel requirements and save time.