Covid-19 impact on travel industry

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The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the travel industry. Many flights are suspended; many countries have a restricted access. To recover from the pandemic, precautions need to be made to boost consumers’ demand back on tourism. What are the new safety measures and requirements for safe traveling?

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The Covid-19 pandemic deters tourism

The Covid-19 pandemic has had serious consequences on the travel industry. At least three main variant strains of the deadly SARS-CoV-2, which is the leading factor to Covid-19, have been identified. The new variants are far way more infectious and lethal than the original virus. Due to the serious global health concerns in many countries in the world, potential travelers are held back by the lack of efficient measures to address the issue. On the one hand, measures have led to travel restrictions to many touristic places to prevent infection. Countries that have been seriously hit by the pandemic are being blacklisted by prospective tourists.

The spread of the virus has resulted in a serious loss in the tourism industry. It is estimated that the global international tourist industry might still decrease by 62 to 75% in the next few years unless further effective safety measures are taken. In many parts of the world, hotels have been closed down, trips have been canceled, restaurants and tourist attractions have lost a lot of customers. This is mainly because of the massive decrease in regional and international tourism. The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously injured all the other sectors which are connected to the travel industry, including sports and trade.

In Japan, for example, the number of coming tourists has dropped by nearly 100% since the beginning of the pandemic. In India, the hospitality and tourism industry is currently left behind due to the death toll explosion over the last few months. Likewise, in Singapore, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a complete ban on all kinds of tours, whether it is domestic or international. In Spain tourism has dropped by nearly 65% over the last year. Foreign arrivals in Spain have continued to drop to nearly 90% last February 2021. Millions of foreign travelers were expected to come; however, due to country restrictions, all planned tours had to be canceled to prevent the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus and its variants. Needless to say, tourism in most parts of the world has been annihilated since the aftermaths of Covid-19 and its variants.

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Avoid self-medication

To protect people against the new virus strains, further measures need to be taken. So far, three major variants of the SARS-CoV-2, have been identified. B.1.1.7 is one of the Covid-19 strains. The virus emerged in the United Kingdom and has traveled across the world, to reach the United States and even Canada. It is characterized by its rapid transmission. On the other hand, 1.351 is another strain of the virus that emerged from South Africa. It leads to further infections in the neighboring countries. A later variation of the virus is known as P1, and it was discovered to be another strain of the pandemic from Brazil. After the passenger screening at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan, four international travelers from Brazil were found to be infected with P1. This means further variants of the same virus have developed through mutations.

It is important to inform people about the symptoms of the virus. Common signs of infections include headache, runny nose, coughs, and muscle cramps. Knowing the symptoms should not be used to encourage self-medication. Since the pandemic can easily develop into a new strain, treating the symptoms with the known medication without any diagnosis or test from a health center may cause the virus to become more resistant. Without the guidance of a doctor, it is difficult to eradicate the spread of the virus and prevent its contamination into other people.

  • Incorrect self-diagnosis prevents you from getting appropriate medical assistance and treatment at the right time
  • Studies have shown that the pandemic has triggered serious damages in many parts of the body, especially if the patient has had other health problems such as diabetes or heart disease. Incorrect drug administration may cause severe allergic reactions and even death due to inappropriate drug combinations.

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Protect yourself from the pandemic

Several precautions need to be implemented to prevent the rapid spread of the virus and its variants and make matters with international tourism even worse. First, it is crucial to inform the public that through mutations, the virus can quickly develop into more deadly strains over a short period. Therefore previous safety precautions as the ones for the original virus should still be taken. People are required to wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth to protect themselves and their surroundings.

In addition to social distancing, people are required to avoid crowded and public places. This means that tourist places such as museums, parks, sports venues, and restaurants have to be avoided if they are still open. Any activities which can lead to social gatherings should be canceled, as you are more likely to contract the virus if you are usually among large crowds of people. Also, frequent hand sanitizing and washing with soap, water, and gels are important to protect yourself from getting infected.

Another solution is to encourage people to monitor their health through regular temperature check while staying watchful for any possible symptoms. If the symptoms develop, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately. Besides, it is helpful to keep yourself safe from infection through vaccination. The global initiative is taken by many countries to make the Covid-19 vaccine accessible to the population. Besides, some countries now require travelers to enter their country with a Covid-19 vaccine passport to prevent contamination.

Studies have revealed that the other variants of the Covid-19 pandemic are far more fatal and they cannot be treated with the same medications that are used to treat the original virus. International travelers should buy their tickets online through an online travel agency to minimize contact cases. If you are looking forward to traveling overseas, you can for example book your trip with Onward Ticket, which can deliver your ticket to your inbox.

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